​​In August of 2015 the Hometowne Tavern was purchased by Doak Borst to be converted into what we now know as GoodFellas. Upon entering the newly acquired establishment, the new owner could not help but envision miles of updates and years of memories to be made. When walking into the dining room one cannot help but notice the framed areas of the walls. As any other person would imagine the idea came to place a picture in the "frame." But what kind of picture? After several days of contemplation on how to fill this blank canvas it dawned on them.

Growing up Italian, every relative had a picture of the Last Supper hanging in the dining room. You know, the long picture that would never fit in a typical picture frame. Well, it's a tradition that has been kept alive for generations, and here at GoodFellas, we don't like to break tradition. So, it was decided,

The Last Supper was the scene of choice, but with a bit of a twist.

Two Swissvale artists were recruited for the composition of our own Last Supper, Amber Kear and Dino Dubinz. After 6 weeks, several photo shoots with Deneen and Doak, a few redo's and touch ups to ensure everyone turned out just right, and a few beers because who doesn't get thirsty recreating such a masterpiece and GoodFellas' Last Supper was complete.

There are 13 characters at our dinner table, for one reason or another, many of which you will recognize, while others are loved ones that we once shared many meals with, but have since passed.​

Founded in 2015, GoodFellas put a new twist on a tired bar scene. Tucked away in the heart of Swissvale, GoodFellas offers a mix between a local dive bar and dinner at grandmas on Sunday. Featuring home cooked meals and crisp draft beers, GoodFellas prides itself on taste, value, and experience. 
​It's a Swissvale thing, you just wouldn't understand.

The Last Supper 

1915 McCague St, Swissvale PA. 412-351-6551. Open 7 days a week.

THE LINE-UP from left to right:

 The Rat Pack: Dino, Sammy, & Frank.  Deneen's favorite. Who wouldn't want to have a dinner with these guys?

Armand Ventura -grandfather of Deneen

Frederick "Fritz" Costanza - father of  Deneen

Deneen Costanza Swartzwelder - you can usually find her in the kitchen 

Doak Borst - Owner... usually on his stool

Douglas Borst - brother of Doak

Dean Borst - father of Doak

The GoodFellas: Ray Liotta (Henry Hill), Robert De Niro (Jimmy Conway), & Joe Pesci (Tommy DeVito)

Elvis - when the former bar owners wanted the black velvet Elvis picture that was hanging in the bar to go with them it was decided we wanted Elvis back so he was given a permanent place on the wall
Elvis has not left the building!